This Timeline chronicles significant discoveries

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in the field of Catastrophism and the New Catastrophism by scholars, scientists, researchers, explorers, etc. that has contributed to our evolving awareness and understanding of Earth’s violent past. This timeline begins at the dawn of the 18th century and will, when complete, extend to the present.

Catastrophes in Earth History: chronicles the great mass extinction episodes that have happened repeatedly throughout the time that life has existed on Earth. This


timeline covers the Phanerozoic Eon, that is, the time of visible life, from roughly 600 million years ago to the present. The events depicted here are the major crisis events in Earth history, where a significant percentage of species and/or families underwent rapid extinction.

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Catastrophes in the Time of Man: is intended to underscore the number of extreme climatic and environmental events that have transpired since the appearance of more or less anatomically modern humans upon the Earth. The principal criterion in the selection of events has been to focus upon those that would have had global effects, events that, if happening in the present, would provoke calamitous social consequences, if not outright extinction of modern civilization. The timeline covers the last 150,000 years.