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The Interactive Maps: The function of the interactive map section of this website is to serve as a geographic guide to various features across the North American continent that are of relevance to the New Catastrophism. …

The Timelines: We are presenting a number of timelines to help clarify the chronological relationships amongst various catastrophic episodes in Earth history and to summarize …


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One of the great unresolved scientific mysteries of our time concerns an extensive body of evidence for extraordinary catastrophic flooding events in the very recent geological history of North America. From the Pacific Coast of Washington State, across the mountains and prairies to the Atlantic Coast of New England, from the region of the Great Lakes to the mouth of the Mississippi, from the arid deserts of the Southwest ...
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The view of Earth change that prevailed through most of the Twentieth Century — one of slow, virtually imperceptible changes accumulating over eons of time to eventually create the world in its present form—is giving way to a model involving sudden and extreme upheavals of nature that completely overturn the established order of things. The countless numbers of plant and animal species that existed on this planet before the arrival of man ...

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Scores of ancient myths and legends from all over the world abound in visions of great all-encompassing catastrophes. In the majority of the stories the destruction is effected through the agencies of fire and water and they have in common that, from the perspective of the teller of the tale, the destruction involves the whole world. The most prominent story of the Judeao/Christian/Muslim traditions involving a catastrophe of this scale is, ...
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fluvial:  Processes associated with streams, river or water flow; comes from the Latin fluvius for “running water” or “river”


glaciofluvial:  A term referring to the processes and landforms related to the combined action of glaciers and glacial meltwater.

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